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Dr. Farid Fata Sentencing: Doc Who Gave Chemo To Healthy Patients Could Get Life [Video]

Dr Farid Fata-Sentencing

Dr. Farid Fata is probably heading to jail for the rest of his natural life. The Detriot doctor will be sentenced on Monday after the court hears testimonies from 25 of his victims. Over 150 former patients came forward of the believed 500 that Farid Fata ...

Suspected Congo Ebola victims test negative for the virus

Congo Ebola 'Victims'-Test Negative

KINSHASA (Reuters) - Six hunters in the Democratic Republic of Congo who fell sick and were suspected to have Ebola have tested negative for the virus, the health minister said on Saturday. The government and World Health Organization investigated a ...

Minnesota burn survivor leaves hospital after 264 days

Burn Survivor Leaves-Hospital

A Minnesota man who survived being badly burned in a lawnmower explosion was discharged Friday after 264 days in the hospital, but not before his caregivers gathered to say farewell to one of their favorite patients. She Yan Chen, 61, of Oak Park Heights ...

Project Semicolon Tattoos: Punctuation Becomes Trending Tattoo Symbol; Raises Mental Health Awareness On Social Media

Project Semicolon-Tattoos

An online movement is gaining popularity among people who understand what it is like to struggle with depression, thoughts of suicide and addiction. It has made semicolon tattoos trendy, as users share photos of this symbol, now permanently etched on their ...

Vaccination Clinics for the Week of July 6

Children Receive Adult-Vaccine

Adult vaccine prices vary. The cost for children’s vaccines (age 2 months -18 years) is $15.00 for one dose of vaccine or $20.00 for 2 or more. All children must meet Texas Department of State Health Services' guidelines to receive state supplied vaccines.

New AIDS Vaccine: Is There Hope For The Future? Vaccine Study Shows Promise In Non-Human Primates

HIV Vaccine

In a research paper published in Science, scientists have announced that a new AIDS vaccine was able to completely prevent HIV infection in half of the non-human primate test subjects. The monkeys used for this study received the new AIDS vaccine and were ...

First US measles death in 12 years: How was it missed?

Measles Death

A woman in Washington state is the first person to die of measles in the United States in a dozen years, authorities said today. But the disease was discovered only after the woman's death " how did doctors miss her diagnosis? The woman appears to have ...

Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills California Woman

Brain-Eating Amoeba

A 21-year-old woman from Bishop, California, has reportedly died from a rare but devastating infection caused by a brain-eating amoeba. Inyo County public health officials told the Reno Gazette-Journal that the woman died on June 20 after being infected by ...

Weight Loss Drug Triggers Average 18-lb Drop in Trial

Saxenda Weight Loss-Drug

The injectable drug Saxenda may be a helpful tool in the battle against excess weight and obesity, a new study suggests. People who injected Saxenda (liraglutide) every day for a year lost an average of 18.5 pounds, compared with an average of 6 pounds for ...

Overweight U.S. Women Need Better Pre-Pregnancy Counseling: Study


Sugary drinks contribute to a variety of diseases and disorders that add up to thousands of deaths around the world. Grossing Your Lady Out Will Kill The Mood A Lot Quicker Than Scaring Her Grossing a woman out is the quickest way to kill her sexual arousal.

Could insulin pills prevent diabetes? Big study seeks answer

Insulin Pills

For nearly a century, insulin has been a life-saving diabetes treatment. Now scientists are testing a tantalizing question: What if pills containing the same medicine patients inject every day could also prevent the disease? Thirteen-year-old Hayden Murphy ...

Screening teens for obesity may not help them lose weight

Screening Teens For-Obesity

Weight screenings in high school were not enough to get overweight and obese kids on track toward a healthier weight, a recent U.S. study found. With obesity rates soaring among Arkansas teenagers, the state implemented a screening program in schools in ...

Pregnant women with epilepsy 'at greater risk of death, delivery complications'

Pregnant Women With Epilepsy 'at Greater Risk Of Death Delivery Complications'

Pregnant women may have greater risk of adverse complications and death during delivery if they have epilepsy, according to a new study published in JAMA Neurology. Epilepsy is brain disorder characterized by abnormal nerve cell activity that causes seizures.

Christie OKs moving Camden EMS from Virtua to Cooper

Christie OKs Moving Camden EMS From Virtua To Cooper

Gov. Christie signed legislation Monday allowing Cooper University Hospital to take control of emergency medical services in Camden, a bill that drew criticism from the city's longtime paramedic-services provider. The measure, which some critics complained ...

Many Doctors Work While Sick, And Some Do It More Than Five Times A Year

Many Doctors Work While Sick And Some Do It More Than Five Times A Year

A new study from JAMA Pediatrics reports that many doctors and nurses will show up to work sick, even though they know it’s a major risk for their patients. There’s also a small amount that have shown up for work sick more than five times out of the year.

Drug combo shows promise against rare bone cancer

Drug Combo Shows Promise Against Rare Bone Cancer

Like other cancers, tumor cells in Ewing sarcoma - a rare bone cancer that primarily affects children and young adults - have to keep repairing their faulty DNA to survive. Now, a team of researchers shows two drugs that interfere with this process work ...

Homeopathic medicine: What’s the potential harm?

Homeopathic Medicine: What’s The Potential Harm?

What if I told you homeopathy is completely useless? I wouldn’t blame you for being skeptical or feeling that such a statement is arrogant especially when made by an MD. Homeopathy is a multi-billion dollar business and is widely available. Unfortunately ...

Step away from the burger: Why a 'Western' diet is bad for your health

Step Away From The Burger: Why A 'Western' Diet Is Bad For Your Health

Vital Signs is a monthly program bringing viewers health stories from around the world. (CNN)The developing world is seeing rapid urbanization, with more than half of the world's population now living in cities and this figure expected to reach 70% by 2050.

Older patients with traumatic spinal cord injuries less likely to get surgery

Older Patients With Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries Less Likely To Receive Surgery Compared With Younger People

Older patients with traumatic spinal cord injuries are less likely to receive surgery compared with younger patients and ... likely to die from a traumatic spinal cord injury than younger people. "These significant differences in injury demographics ...

Brain Scans Suggest Anxiety Is Hereditary

Brain Scans Suggest Anxiety Is Hereditary

Susceptibility to stress-related illness and depression could be inherited from your parents, according to a new study. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This axiom has been used to describe nearly any trait that a child has in common with their ...

Safer, with more benefits: Parents' vaccine views shifting

Safer With More Benefits: Parents’ Vaccine Views Shifting

Over the same time period that multiple outbreaks of measles and whooping cough made headlines around the country, parents' views on vaccines became more favorable. Over the same time period that multiple outbreaks of measles and whooping cough made ...

New Study Shows Surgery Has Less Side Effects And Long-Term Issues Over Radiation For Treating Prostate Cancer

New Study Shows Surgery Has Less Side Effects And Long-Term Issues Over Radiation For Treating Prostate Cancer

NEW YORK, July 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- New study findings reveal that more complications occur in patients treated with radiation therapy versus surgery for prostate cancer. Researchers from the University of Toronto presented their findings at the ...

Shots For Tots’ Clinic Closed: Babies Given Gardasil, FluMist, And Expired Vaccines

Shots For Tots’ Clinic Closed: Babies Given Gardasil FluMist And Expired Vaccines

A free clinic offering “Shots for Tots” and operated by the Salem County Health Department has been shut down after an audit revealed that at least five South Jersey children were believed to have been given the wrong immunizations. The free clinic ...

Immigrant children receive adult dose of hepatitis A vaccine at detention center

Children Given Adult Dose Vaccine At Texas Immigration Detention Center

SAN ANTONIO " About 250 immigrant children were given an adult dose of a hepatitis A vaccine at a Texas detention facility where they were being held with their mothers, according to U.S. Immigration ... Family Residential Center in Dilley occurred ...

Bulgarian Red Cross, private donor to provide equipment to National Cardiology Hospital

Bulgarian Red Cross Private Donor To Provide Equipment To National Cardiology Hospital

Sofia. Bulgarian Red Cross and donor Ivan Anev donated equipment to the National Cardiology Hospital, FOCUS News Agency reporter said. BRC President Hristo Grigorov officially presented the medical equipment to hospital’s executive director Mario Stankev ...

'No One Should Have The Right To Prolong My Death'

'No One Should Have The Right To Prolong My Death'

When Jennifer Glass goes to Sacramento Tuesday to deliver testimony in favor of the California End-of-Life-Options Act, the trip will require some complex logistics. Her 17-year-old stepson Tristan will bundle her into her car and will get behind the wheel ...

The battle for control of the human breast milk industry

The Battle For Control Of The Human Breast Milk Industry

Rachel Palencik poses for a photograph with her frozen breast milk Wednesday, June 17, 2015, in West Chester, Pa. About 4,000 mothers participate in 15 nonprofit milk banks across the United States, but the entry of for-profit milk banks has led to ...

Aging Americans need eyecare most but do they have benefits?

Aging Americans Need Eyecare Most But Do They Have Benefits?

(Family Features) Julie Beall might be a cancer patient, but she’s truly defined by any number of other titles. She’s a wife and mother, a registered nurse, a real estate professional, an MBA graduate, a small business owner and a public speaker.

Scientists Isolate Protein Linked With Impaired Memory, Learning

Scientists Isolate Protein Linked With Impaired Memory Learning

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) " Scientists believe they have isolated a circulating protein in the blood that may impair learning and memory. In a report in the journal Nature Medicine, the authors say the protein increases with age. Scientists also believe there ...

Farid Fata, Doctor Who Gave Chemo to Healthy Patients, Faces Sentencing

Farid Fata Cancer Doctor Who Gave Chemo To Healthy Patients For Profit To Face Sentencing – And Victims – In Court

A Michigan doctor who misdiagnosed patients with cancer and then bombarded them with unnecessary treatments will have to face his victims " who lost their health, savings and trust " at an emotional sentencing ... when Dr. Farid Fata learns his fate ...

Scientific director at Children's Hospital to become dean at Washington University School of Medicine

Scientific Director At Children's Hospital To Become Dean At Washington University School Of Medicine

His departure will be bittersweet, but David H. Perlmutter said he can’t pass up the unexpected opportunity to serve as executive vice chancellor for medical affairs and dean of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. “This is just a ...

Doctors call for more state oversight after infant deaths

Doctors Call For More State Oversight After Infant Deaths

After the deaths of five infants, a team of doctors from across the state was asked in 2014 to review a Palm Beach County hospital's highly specialized program for doing heart surgeries on children. The team's recommendation: St. Mary's Medical Center ...