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Yes, Your Beard Might Be As Dirty As A Toilet Seat. No, You Don't Have To Shave It.

Filthy Beards

If you’re a bearded man or love someone who has a beard, you may have recently heard the horrifying news rattling around the Internet that there is fecal bacteria in some men’s beards. Or, as Buzzfeed so pithily put it: “It turns out men’s beards ...

Despite US efforts, bird flu thought to spread between farms

Bird Flu

CHICAGO - Poultry veterinarians in Minnesota believe an outbreak of avian flu has spread between farms, indicating the implementation of a US strategy to contain the deadly bird disease failed in at least some cases. Wild birds are thought to be carriers ...

Dave Goldberg's death highlights unseen dangers of treadmills

Treadmill Deaths

(CNN)How does a seemingly healthy 47-year-old millionaire die in a treadmill accident? While it's unclear what caused Dave Goldberg's fall, it turns out treadmill-related accidents are quite common. Goldberg, the CEO of SurveyMonkey and husband of Facebook ...

Panera lists 'unacceptable' ingredients in its foods

Panera 'Unacceptable'-Ingredients

A Panera store in Needham, Mass. (Photo: Josh T. Reynolds for USA TODAY) Panera has put it in writing. The trendy, fast-casual chain widely known for the quality of its food and integrity of its ingredients on Tuesday will become the first national ...

Quake-stricken Nepal at risk of serious disease outbreaks, UK agencies warn

Nepal Disease-Outbreaks

There is a risk that cholera, dysentery and other serious waterborne diseases will break out in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. People are defecating out in the open and there are already reports of diarrheal disease outbreaks and chest infections ...

Food flavorings may be fueling obesity epidemic

'The Dorito Effect'

However, in the new book, "The Dorito Effect," author Mark Schatzker argues that food flavorings, which include everything from syrups to spices to sauces, are a big part of the problem affecting Americans' waistlines. "We keep arguing about carbs and fat ...

Bodybuilder Injections: Arms Turned To Rock, Synthol’s Fake Muscles Almost Kill A Man

Bodybuilder Injections-Arms

Romario Dos Santos is one of many who have lured in by the promise of bodybuilder injections. Arms can become super-sized within a short time, giving the bodybuilder huge, fake muscles that make them look like Hercules or the Incredible Hulk. But using ...

ICD Decision Making: An Opportunity for Stewardship

HIV Prevention-Implant

Two studies available online from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shed light on the nuances of ICD decision making [1,2]. The provocative findings urge cardiologists to think hard about our role as stewards in the use of the ICD.

Feds Shut Down Diet Supplement "Fraud Trifecta"

Ftc: Sale Slash 'Fraud-Trifecta'

The FTC said its goal is to get money from the company and refund it to consumers who bought the pills. "Sale Slash is a fraud trifecta," Jessica Rich, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, said in a statement. "The company made outlandish ...

Blood test 'boost' in ovarian cancer fight

Ovarian Cancer Blood-Test

Regular blood tests can detect 86% of ovarian cancers before the point at which women normally would be diagnosed, according to a trial that could lead to national screening. Ovarian tumours are often deadly as they are caught too late. The first results ...

Sleepwalking Has A Genetic Connection: Study

Sleepwalking Study

Parents with a history of sleepwalking can expect their children to sleepwalk too, a latest research has claimed. According to a study conducted by Canadian researchers, sleep terrors and sleepwalking has a genetic connection, as these behaviours tend to ...

Chlamydia Outbreak: Texas High School With No Sex Ed Classes Dealing With Multiple Cases

Chlamydia Outbreak-Texas HS

Parents of students in a Texas school district are being told that their children are at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, a letter sent out by administrators explained. Raw Story reports that out of the approximately 300 students at ...

Brain Scans Show ‘Fuzzy’ Thinking in Depression, Bipolar

Brain Scans 'Fuzzy-Thinking'

The fuzzy thinking that tends to accompany depression and bipolar disorder shows up in brain scans in a new large study published in the journal Brain. The findings also add to the growing body of evidence that depression and bipolar may fall on a ...

Skinny Mom's 6-Pack Abs Are Back Just Weeks After Giving Birth

Skinny Mom's 6-Pack Abs Are Back Just Weeks After Giving Birth

The woman whose tiny pregnant belly caused a social media uproar is back, and she's brought her six-pack abs and a bikini. Just a few weeks after giving birth, Sarah Stage, 30, took a break from posting photos of her newborn to snap a selfie in a white ...

Are More Seniors Using Mobility Devices?

Are More Seniors Using Mobility Devices?

Statistics show that about one-quarter of adults aged 65 and older are now dependent on certain mobility devices, including canes walkers and wheelchairs. Furthermore, about one third of them reported needing the assistance of multiple devices based on ...

Infant seats can pose danger to sleeping babies

Infant Seats Can Pose Danger To Sleeping Babies

Thirteen years ago, Staci Tober lost her 8-month-old son Trevor when he was in a baby swing at day care and was strangled by the straps. "He had been left alone for about six minutes while she [the day care worker] was tending to other children," she told ...

Texas Grandmother Donates a Kidney to Save Her Toddler Granddaughter

Texas Grandmother Donates A Kidney To Save Her Toddler Granddaughter

A Texas grandmother plans to celebrate Mother's Day with her daughter and toddler granddaughter less than two months after donating her kidney to save her granddaughter's life. Cindy Smith, 54, said she feels "blessed" that she was able to be there for ...

May Is Asthma Awareness Month: Here's What You Need To Know

May Is Asthma Awareness Month: Here's What You Need To Know

May marks Asthma Awareness Month, a health issue that's estimated to affect 25.9 million Americans with more than 50 million suffering from different types of allergies with similar symptoms. Like Us on Facebook It's a peak season for asthma and allergy ...

Digoxin Heart Drug Could Lead To Fatalities Among Atrial Fibrillation And Congestive Heart Failure Patients

Digoxin Heart Drug Could Lead To Fatalities Among Atrial Fibrillation And Congestive Heart Failure Patients

The heart drug Digoxin has been shown the increase the risk of death in patients with heart problems. The drug is used to treat heart disease in individuals across the globe, but new research backs up past evidence that it can lead to fatalities in those ...

Latest NFL draftees could benefit from new-age concussion test

Latest NFL Draftees Could Benefit From New-age Concussion Test

The 2015 NFL Draft class has now been welcomed into the league, one that could grow safer as their careers unfold through new-age research into identifying concussions. Following a final settlement of a lawsuit brought by former players over concussions ...

Study aims to uncover why cancer plagues golden retrievers

Study Aims To Uncover Why Cancer Plagues Golden Retrievers

If a golden retriever gives birth, gets stung by a bee or sprayed by a skunk, veterinarians want to know. Scientists are studying the popular breed to find out why their lifespans have gotten shorter over the years and why cancer is so prevalent.

'Hearts in Danger' box set raises awareness of heart disease

'Hearts In Danger' Box Set Raises Awareness Of Heart Disease

Hearts in Danger Romantic Suspense Box Set: Fourteen Thrilling Romances to Benefit the American Heart Association. (Photo: Mandolin Park) Mandy Harbin joins HEA to share the wrenching and inspiring origins of the box set Hearts in Danger: Fourteen ...

Fecal Transplants Could Cure C. Difficile, Eliminate Drug Resistant Bacteria From The Body

Fecal Transplants Could Cure C Difficile Eliminate Drug Resistant Bacteria From The Body

New research shows a fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) could cure Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infections and even eliminate populations of mulit-drug resistant bacteria in the body and gastrointestinal tract. The method successfully cured C. diff in a ...

Emotional reunion of kidney donors, recipients

Emotional Reunion Of Kidney Donors Recipients

Michael Griffen says he didn't realize what he was starting when he decided to help a stranger he read about on Facebook. Jamie Young needed a kidney transplant, and Griffen offered to donate one of his. He got tested and found out he wasn't a match.

EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce’s nutritionist, Marco Borges, tells the Daily News how she acquired her jaw-dropping Met Gala body

EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce’s Nutritionist Marco Borges Tells The Daily News How She Acquired Her Jaw-dropping Met Gala Body

Beyoncé stunned at the Met Gala in New York City on Monday night and is still the talk of the town two days later. Aside from her barely-there gown with strategically place bedazzled embroidery covering her private areas, the buzz is about how banging her ...

Depression And Bipolar Disorder May Be More Similar Than We Realized

Depression And Bipolar Disorder May Be More Similar Than We Realized

Feeling as though you're walking around with your head in a fog can be a frustrating symptom of some psychiatric disorders. And as a large new study shows, those feelings of brain fog aren't all in your head. University of Michigan research confirms that ...

Prostate cancer is not just an older man's disease and PSA exams are essential for early detection, even if you're in your 40s

Prostate Cancer Is Not Just An Older Man's Disease And PSA Exams Are Essential For Early Detection Even If You're In Your 40s

Revamped medical guidelines that discourage PSA tests for men under the age of 50 are wrongheaded, Dr. Samadi says. Prostate cancer can strike men in their 40s and when it does, it's usually aggressive. Peter Latos would have celebrated his 50th birthday ...

Texas Chlamydia Outbreak 2015: High School Wants To Change Sex-Ed Curriculum After STI ‘Epidemic’

Texas Chlamydia Outbreak 2015: High School Wants To Change Sex-Ed Curriculum After STI ‘Epidemic’

A high school in a small Texas town is considering changes to its sex-education curriculum after 20 out of 300 students there tested positive for chlamydia. It's a rate that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Protection has described as “epidemic ...

Nearly 17 Million Americans Covered Under Obamacare

Nearly 17 Million Americans Covered Under Obamacare

Nearly 17 million Americans got health insurance under the Affordable Care Act after the new insurance exchanges opened up, according to an independent analysis published Wednesday. The goal of the law, known widely as Obamacare, was to increase the number ...

Staffing An Intensive Care Unit From Miles Away Has Advantages

Staffing An Intensive Care Unit From Miles Away Has Advantages

Qiana Gadson, a nurse at the command center, says the approach has advantages ... as far away as Minnesota and Wyoming. "I think we quit calculating miles a while back," she says, and laughs. "It's a very vast area of land." Before virtual care, Larson ...

U.S. Hispanics are healthier than whites, CDC says, despite many reasons that shouldn’t be

U S Hispanics Are Healthier Than Whites CDC Says Despite Many Reasons That Shouldn’t Be

Despite numerous risk factors that should shorten their lives, Hispanics in the United States are generally healthier than non-Hispanic whites, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday in its first comprehensive report on the health ...

More Older Americans Are Dying in Falls

More Older Americans Are Dying In Falls

More older Americans are dying in accidents, especially in falls, government researchers reported Wednesday. But fewer are dying in fires or traffic accidents, the National Center for Health Statistics found. "Age-adjusted death rates for all unintentional ...

ACA Triggers Net Gain Of 16.9M More Insured Americans

ACA Triggers Net Gain Of 16 9M More Insured Americans

The Affordable Care Act has been a catalyst for a net increase of 16.9 million Americans gaining health insurance in the last two years via Medicaid expansion and subsidized private coverage with even more people accessing employer-sponsored plans.